Language Link London

Our London schools are renowned for their quality and excellence in teaching. They have been accredited by the British Council, the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Moreover, Language Link is also a proud member of English UK (the national association of English centres). And our teacher training school is recognised for its quality by Cambridge ESOL, the world’s leading provider of English qualifications, whose exit exam results are widely accepted by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments worldwide.

Language Link Russia

We opened our first school in the Russian Federation in 1994. In the initial years, we focused on providing English courses, training English teachers and administering international exams for learners in big cities. Later, we saw the growing demand for learning Russian, so we offered more Russian courses and became a popular educational brand among language learners in Russia.

Language Link Vietnam

Our schools in Vietnam offer English classes at various levels, catering to the diverse needs and objectives of students. Established in late 1996, we have quickly become a leading provider of English skills training and educational consultancy services in Vietnam, pioneering in innovation and improvement of teaching and learning methods. By 2017, Language Link Vietnam changed its name to Language Link Academic and focused on developing and providing academic English courses for learners in 10 major provinces and cities.

Language Link China

We opened our first school in China in 1999. In the subsequent years, we opened more schools in many major cities with millions of students and teachers. Language Link China is one of the only international educational organisations licensed to teach English, train English teachers and administer English exams as well as international English pedagogy in this populous country.

Language Link Uzbekistan

Our school in Uzbekistan offers high-quality courses taught by leading experts, focusing on communicative methods to enhance students’ English speaking and writing skills rather than just concentrating on grammar and acquisition.