Language Link is a long-standing, reputable and globally renowned brand for the past 50 years. We are proud to have a comprehensive educational franchise system that provides various services such as consultancy, English teaching, learning and career development pathways for students and teachers at foreign language centres, as well as educational collaboration programmes with organisations, businesses and schools.

Our franchise system is specifically designed to suit the interests and needs of businesses that want to enter the education sector. Unlimited sources of revenue include commissions for study abroad services, resale rights to Language Link’s exclusive online teacher training courses and course manuals and training programmes, creating community outreach for local schools.

Moreover, when you use Language Link’s franchise package, we will provide you with all the documents and utilities used in the courses, such as books used in class (for students and teachers), homework books, reference books, types of learning progress monitoring systems, customer relationship management systems, e-learning systems, etc. Language Link is always ready to support you in the best way in setting up, operating and managing foreign language centres throughout the service period.

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